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LG Premium Care - For household appliances

A refrigerator, washing machine or dryer are among the most expensive and important purchases in all households and are indispensable in daily life. LG Premium Care offers you a cost-effective option beyond the manufacturer's warranty to have your product repaired quickly and at no additional cost in the event of damage.


Einmalzahlung - wir ziehen den Betrag zum 15. des Folgemonats von Ihrem Konto ein.


Monatszahlung - wir ziehen in Summe drei Monatsbeträge jeweils am 15. zur Quartalsmitte bis zur Kündigung durch den Serviceberechtigten oder den Servicedienstleister von Ihrem Konto ein.

Creditcard payment is currently not available.×

Creditcard payment is currently not available. We are working on a solution and therefore plan to extend the purchase period of 14 days for some products. Payment using SEPA with your IBAN account information is available.